Stay Energized During Classes The Healthy Way

I’m sorry, but I’ve got bad news. You’ve finally gotten stuck with a morning course that meets for an hour and a half every Tuesday and Thursday. It’s a big lecture course. It’s your least favorite subject. And you’re not a morning person.

How are you going to stay awake for the lectures? How will you keep up your energy so you can understand everything the professor says? Remember, your grade is at stake here!

Whatever you do, don’t fall for the hype surrounding all those huge cans of energy drinks out on the shelves. Many of those products use insane amounts of sugar to boost your short term energy levels, which is fine, but it usually leads to a terrible energy crash later on.

Likewise, you can’t rely on coffee and other caffeine products. Not only do these energy boosters make you crash later, but also caffeine is a diuretic. You’ll be jumping out of your seat in the middle of the lecture to hit the restroom. Recent studies have also shown that caffeine’s usefulness as an energy-booster plateaus after a cup or two for seasoned coffee drinkers, so drinking excessive amounts of it doesn’t really work well.

So instead of relying on artificial energy boosters, you should try to regulate your energy levels naturally. The more consistent of a routine you create for yourself, the better your body will be at becoming comfortable with periods during which it should be active and periods during which it should rest. This means you should try to get a good night’s sleep as often as possible. Likewise, you should wake up at a regular time. If, for some reason, you stay up too late, don’t let yourself sleep in. You’ll have a rough day, sure, but you’ll be able to get right back into the routine that night instead of creating more of a problem.

Next, you should maintain a good diet. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast, even if it’s just a bowl of cereal. For morning classes, you need to have some food in you to create energy later on. Avoid a heavy breakfast, though, as you don’t want to feel uncomfortable at your desk while you sit through class. A light, healthy breakfast should be enough to get you through the hour and a half.

Finally, make sure you bring a snack and bottle of water to class. An apple or granola bar can be enough to manage your sugar levels just right when you start feeling tired or begin to lose focus. Just make sure that you clean up whatever mess you make after you eat. There’s nothing worse than walking into a classroom to find trash and food around the desk you wanted to sit at.