50 Free Online Tools to Discover Your Strengths, Weaknesses, and Hidden Talents

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Although it’s important to know all of the talents and weaknesses that you may have, it’s not always easy to be a fair judge of your own abilities. However, there are a variety of tools available that will make simple work of unearthing what you have to offer. Check out these free online assessment tools to get a look at the real you.


Good health is stronger than any other tool you may have, so be sure to check your health with these tools.

  1. Health Status: Check yourself for a variety of health conditions through this website.
  2. Heart Attack/Coronary Heart Disease Risk Assessment: Using this risk assessment, you can find out your risk of heart disease or heart attack, and what you can do to prevent it.
  3. RealAge: Take the RealAge assessment to learn your true age based on how well you’ve maintained yourself.
  4. Your Disease Risk: Cancer: Find out your risk level for a variety of different cancers with this resource.
  5. Wellness Inventory: Use this interactive wellness wheel to determine your level of wellness.
  6. HIV Risk Calculator: With the help of this HIV Risk Quiz, you can determine whether you should take an HIV test.
  7. Diabetes PHD: From the American Diabetes Association, this testing tool will help you determine your risk factors for developing diabetes.
  8. Interactive stress quiz: Follow this quiz to find out how many stressors you have in your life.
  9. Your Disease Risk: Osteoporosis: With the help of this interactive tool, you can find out your level of risk for osteoporosis, without having to undergo radiography tests.
  10. Women’s Heart Disease Risk Quiz: Women should take this quiz to find out if they are at risk for heart disease.
  11. Stroke Risk Quiz: Using this quiz, you can find out how much you know about the risks of stroke.
  12. High Blood Pressure Health Risk Calculator: Calculate your health risk for high blood pressure with the help of this tool from the American Heart Association.


These tests will get to the heart of your true personality.

  1. Keirsey Temperament Sorter: This test will help you determine your temperament and learn more about yourself.
  2. Jung Typology Test: Take this test to get an assessment of your personality type, occupations, and relevant degrees that will be good for you.
  3. Personality Type: Discover your type with the help of this test.
  4. Enneagram Test: Test your personality on nine different factors with the Enneagram Test.
  5. Type Focus: Take this free assessment to find out about your personality, and if you’re an introvert or extrovert.
  6. PersonalDNA: Use this test to reveal your true personality.
  7. Big 5 Personality Typing Test: This test will help you learn more about your traits in extroversion, emotional stability, orderliness, accommodation, and intellect.

Business & Career

Find out good career paths and business abilities with the help of these assessment tools.

  1. Small Business Administration: The SBA offers an assessment tool that will help you determine whether or not you’re ready to start a small business.
  2. Career Vision Job Satisfaction Survey: Answer these 37 questions to learn your level of satisfaction with your job.
  3. ColorCareerCounselor: Use this fun evaluation to learn about successful career paths based on your color preference.
  4. True Colors Career Assessment: This career personality assessment will help you learn your true colors and pursue the career that’s right for you.
  5. Management Skills & Styles Assessment: Find out if you’re management material with the help of this test.
  6. Career Explorer: Identify careers that match your personality, find potential career fields, and more using this test.
  7. Career Planner Quiz: Make use of this quiz to get help planning your career or making a job switch.
  8. Sales Hunter-Farmer Test: Learn about your skills potential for sales in this test.
  9. Sales Personality Test: By taking this test, you’ll find out if you have the right personality to be a sales person.
  10. Work Importance Profiler: Use this profiler to find out what is important to you in a job.


Find out how your relationship potential stacks up by using these tests.

  1. Emotional Intelligence Test: Find out how well you relate to others by taking this test that measures your emotional intelligence.
  2. Big Five Compatibility Test: This test will help you determine your level of compatibility with a second test taker.


With these tests, you can find out just how smart you are.

  1. Intelligence Type Test: This test assesses the way you learn and use your intelligence.
  2. IQTest.com: Here you’ll find a fun, scientifically valid test to assess your intelligence.
  3. Mensa Workout: Although the scores for this test are not official, taking the Mensa Workout can help you understand more about the way your intelligence works.
  4. The Oracle Exam: This test will help you measure your general knowledge and cognitive ability.
  5. Visual Pattern Fluid Intelligence Test: Test your intelligence in visual patterns using this test.
  6. Lateral Thinking Puzzle IQ Test: Use these lateral thinking IQ puzzles to find out how well you think "outside the box."
  7. MyIQNow: Take this quick 30 question test to get an idea of your intelligence.
  8. BrainBall: BrainBall offers an IQ test and mental exercise in a fun mind game.


With these tests, you’ll be able to put various skills to the test.

  1. Time Management Test: Get an indication of how well you organize your time by taking this test.
  2. Skills Profiler: Use this 20 minute skills profiler to find occupations that use your current skills, or find out which ones you need to improve upon.
  3. Concentration Test: Check out this assessment to find out how well you concentrate.
  4. ISEEK Skills Assessment: With this skills assessment, you can find out how important certain skills are to your life and career.
  5. Verbal IQ Test: Take this test, and you’ll find out how smart you are with words.
  6. Mathematics Skills Assessment Test: Use this assessment to find out how well you do math.
  7. Transferable Skills Survey: Find out how well the skills you have already will transfer to a new situation using this survey.
  8. Spatial IQ Test: Test your ability to think and manipulate spatially with the help of this assessment.


Check out these tests to learn even more about yourself.

  1. Right/Left Brain Test: Use this test to find out which side of your brain is dominant.
  2. Learning Styles Self-Assessment: With this assessment, you can find out the best ways for you to learn.
  3. Word Association Test: Learn more about yourself by finding out how your mind associates with words.

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