AA in Medical Office Administration from Virginia College Online

How Can I Get This Degree?

Virginia College Online gives students in its medical office management degree program a solid education in order to help them succeed as an office manager in the busy health services industry. Classes within this program will cover such subjects as basic business and accounting practices, office automation, customer service, medical terminology, and transcription and record-keeping. Students in this program will learn from instructors who are familiar with the medical office environment, and students will also be required to complete an internship, such as working at a physician's office, in order to gain professional experience. This program, which includes both foundation and concentration courses, consists of 96 required credit hours, which should take students between two and three years to complete. Virginia College Online includes the cost of textbooks and other course materials in tuition so that its students will know up front what sort of expenses to budget for as they earn their degree. Prospective students should contact Virginia College Online for specific tuition fees information.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

With an associate degree in medical office management, students are prepared to join a rapidly growing industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health services managers accounted for about 300,000 jobs in 2008, earning a median salary of $80,240 that year. Furthermore, the Bureau expects that number to grow by 16 percent through 2018, which means 45,000 new jobs will be available for recent graduates. As the health care industry expands and diversifies, office managers will be needed to handle the business, day to day, and customer service aspects of the industry. If students would rather continue their education, they will have a sufficient background and familiarity with the health services industry to allow them to earn an education in a related subject, such as health information technology, nursing, or advanced medicine. An advantage of this degree is that it prepares you for a practical career while it also sets you up to specialize further in the field.