AA in General Studies from Colorado Technical University

How Can I Get This Degree?

Students who enroll in the general studies program at Colorado Technical University can expect to receive a general education experience that prepares them to go on to advanced study in an area that interests them. Ideally, the associate degree in general studies should be seen as a stepping stone towards providing a graduate with sound career preparation and a strong educational base. In general studies, students learn to develop good study habits, communication and writing skills, critical thinking approaches, and problem-solving strategies. Courses within this program include Introduction to Business, Introduction to IT, English Composition, World History, Business Algebra, Ethics, and more. To graduate, students must earn a total of 92 credit hours, which should take a full time student around two years to complete. The degree program will cost $265 per credit hour for a total cost of $23,850 dollars plus a $50 application fee. For information about financial aid, prospective students should contact the university.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

Graduates with an associate degree in general studies are prepared to continue their education. Because the degree gives them a strong base in academic skills, these students will be ready for the rigorous workload of a bachelor's degree program. Should a graduate wish to pursue a career, he or she will also have gained specific skills that could allow him or her to be offered an entry-level position. For example, some of the courses in the program provide business knowledge, communication skills, and professional writing, which could help a graduate become a successful bank teller or administrative assistant. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, bank tellers earned a median annual salary of $23,610 in 2008, and job prospects over the next few years should be favorable. Likewise, administrative assistants, who accounted for 4.3 million jobs in 2008, earned a median annual salary of $29,050 that same year. Job opportunities for administrative assistants are expected to improve by 11 percent through 2018, according to the Bureau.